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Best-Selling Author
A. M. Holmes


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These works are Stephen Hawkings meets Black Mirror, be prepared.

A.M. Holmes, a former Mixed Martial Artist specializing in Bruce Lee’s art, Jeet Kune Do, and Jiu Jitsu, is a preeminent best-selling author whose professional career began in 2006 when he published a newsletter that rose to critical acclaim. Since then, he has explored different writing genres and created loyal fans who eagerly await his latest releases. Having experience in a plethora of incredible worlds like Mixed-Martial Arts and Quantum Mechanics. With best-sellers and numerous accolades on the horizon, A.M. Holmes continues to push literary and existential boundaries.

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The golden ratio.

Quantum Healing

Harnessing the power of Quantum Physics to Achieve Your Goals.

Have you ever pondered the intriguing link between the elusive world of quantum physics and your personal road to success?

'Quantum Healing' illuminates this fascinating intersection, guiding you to harness the cosmic energies and tailor your own destiny.

Within the enlightening pages, 'Quantum Healing' unveils a dynamic range of themes:

A deep dive into goal-setting techniques, designed with quantum physics principles for maximum effectiveness.

An exploration of powerful visualization strategies, backed by scientific evidence, to help shape your future.

An enriching journey towards Self-Actualization, steeped in the profound science of quantum physics.

An insightful study of intention, energy, and consciousness and their vital roles in crafting our reality.

A collection of practical tools and exercises to empower you to leverage these fundamental forces for personal advantage.

The book further dares to delve into the profound concept of the Akashic Records, promising a mind-expanding journey. Guiding you towards a growth mindset, it frames setbacks as invaluable stepping stones, not failures. A testament to owning your life, 'Quantum Healing' cultivates a spirit of gratitude and abundance, drawing in a whirlwind of positive experiences.

Merging science's wonders with soulful spirituality, 'Quantum Healing' stands as your guide to unlocking limitless potential. Whether your dreams are of greater wealth, robust health, or enriching relationships, 'Quantum Healing' orchestrates the universe's energies to make your aspirations a reality.

Don't wait. Buy 'Quantum Healing' now and begin your extraordinary journey towards a fulfilling life where science, spirituality, and success converge in your hands!

A fibonacci spiral.

“ Sleep is good, death is better; but of course, the best thing would to have never been born at all.”

“A non-writing writer is a monster courting insanity”



Author, fighter, and rehab counselor 

Get in touch to discover more writings by A.M. Holmes and to follow their literary adventures. Also, if interested in learning about Bruce Lee’s art, Jeet Kune Do send an email.

500 Terry Francois Street San Francisco, CA 94158


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